Smart Kindergarten


Kindergarten Chain

SmartKinderGarten is an international chain of private Kindergartens with unified methodology, space functionality, and highly technological learning environment.

The Project in Cities

Each city government is interested in developing its society, decreasing emigration and attracting new cultures. One of the ways to do so is to develop the kindergarten chain of the future. Berlin, Riga, Vienna and Moscow have already expressed their interest. Is your city going to be next?

Project Development

We are currently gathering the team of professionals that will develop methodology, engage with technical partners, as well as attract private and municipal investors and crowd funding. We are planning to launch the pilot project in the city of Riga.

European Market

Analysis of the European market indicates high demand for innovative kindergartens. There already is considerable growth of private kindergarten segment in Europe. However, there are trends to take into account when designing such projects, such as the postponement of the first child birth and an ever-increasing demand for high quality service.


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